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Tulip Portraits

Can art impact wellness?

Tulip Art

We live in constant flux, an ever-evolving state of ebb and flow. As life fluctuates, Tulip Portraits momentarily slows down time. Extending the ephemeral glimpses of each tulip’s life reminds us to connect at our own pace.

In 2021 artist Carl Green set up a small studio dedicated to photographing tulips and proceeded on an immersive and explorative journey to discover the subtle and intricate differences of tulips as they aged. Over the course of thirty days, Carl visited the studio daily, noticing their individuality and personification manifest over time and captured this in portraits as if they were posing for him.

In presenting this series, Carl reveals rare and fleeting moments of the tulip expressions and invites the audience to spend a moment with each portrait. Creating the Tulip Portraits series was cathartic and meditative in its daily purpose, and he is curious whether a sense of calmness and quiet can transmute through us when viewing these artworks. 


Carl Green is an artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau, New Zealand.
He is interested in enhancing wellness through art. His vision is to inspire people through his art and help make owning a piece of art accessible.

Life can sometimes become busy, and Carl uses meditation and yoga to calm the mind. He brings this calmness into his work and often instils a sense of quiet in his photography. He hopes others might feel a similar feeling of peace through connecting with his art. 

Tulip Portraits
Allpress Studio:
8 Drake Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1010

Attached to Caffetteria Allpress, Allpress Studio is an open space for artists, designers, and storytellers - established or emerging, to share their talent and inspire all of us through their creative spirit.

3 – 25 November 2022 (extended)
Hours: Weekdays 7 am–2 pm

Opening: Wed 2 Nov: 6 pm–8pm

Artist talk: Sat 12 Nov: 11 am–12pm  (supported by Allpress Coffee Initiative)

Wellness Event: Wed 16 Nov: 6pm–8pm: Breath + Meditation + Sound Bath


For further information, interviews and high res images requests, contact: hello@carlgreenartist.co.nz

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